Generous Community 

The story

We’ve started a burner tech mission to help you co-create and participate in your burn. There’s thousands of hours of work involved behind the scenes to create a large-scale, collaborative, community-focused event like our burns. These motivated Burners with tech backgrounds work year-round to maintain and develop bespoke software or evolve existing software to fit the specific needs of the unique Burner community.

Talk (our communication platform), Dreams (art grant distribution), Realities (responsibilities manager) and Bucks (community submissions financing tool) are in the existing suite of tools that we actively use that make our community, the beautiful and decentralised chaos that it is.

What else could we do with your support?

These tools enable our community and could have a huge impact in the wider context of social networking and community mobilisation helping the logistics and communication of other decentralized communities creating the social change that we believe the world is ready for.

In line with our burner values, these projects are open source so others can benefit and build on what we have done.

What it is

We’re looking to raise money to continue this amazing effort and build the ultimate suite of online tools, that we need to improve communication, maintain project management continuity, ease team workflow, share and store information, build engagement and of course empower us individuals.

These burners work for the benefit of the community, without the motivation of any financial payoff. We wish for these funds to be allocated toward a collaborative space, where they can come together and focus on improving these tools. In january, at a weekend hackathon we were able to:

  • Build this community of Tech Burners
  • Launch Talk 2.0
  • Update Dreams 2.0
  • Made improvements to Realiities
  • Made improvements to Bucks (finance)
  • Recorded and launched this campaign

We’re now proposing a week long Tech event.

At the Event:

Developers, designers, and collaborators will be invited to pitch their own projects to work and build a team to support their ventures. We’re also interested in hearing your ideas!


Based on the costs of similar events, we estimate costs of between €340 and €480 per person for seven days. This money will go towards:

  • Accommodation
  • Workspace
  • Food
  • Admin costs
  • Travel costs
  • Utilities

Any additional funds raised beyond the initial target will be put towards future tech events and maintenance initiatives.

  • €4'800 will allow 10 - 14 attendees
  • €7'200 will allow 15 - 21 attendees
  • €9'600 will allow 20 - 28 attendees

This is a great opportunity for you to participate outside of the burn and support these great humans who usually spend time by themselves, to get the opportunity to collaborate, be productive and focus on tools that contribute in profound ways to what we do.

Click the link below and donate to this Burner Tech initiative. https://opencollective.com/generous-community/contribute/first-retreat-13419/checkout